I haven’t written in a long time and I was thinking about people like Stapleman, who write a lot on Facebook as a status and in comments, they write so much they’d have a book out if they were more disciplined. Of course that whole discipline thing also affects me! I was on eBay, ready to list an item when I ended up on my second account; the “other” account. I looked at the number of feedback, 162, and noticed it hadn’t changed in over six weeks so I looked at my sales and was going to email the three people who refuse to leave feedback, but thought fuck them and decided to write a blog post instead.

Been selling on eBay 20 years now. My kids are 24, 21, and 15. I’ve been working the week-end estate sale cum flip her on eBay since I can sit on it longer than an estate sale company game for-ever! My life used to be wakeup-bathe-smoothie-work-pickupkidsatschool-work-makedinner-work-eatdinner-work-checkhomework/fuckhusband-work-read-think-wakeup-sleep-read-write|think-sleep-wakeup-sleep There was never any time for any thing else, like writing every day and post cancer my schedule looks like: wakeup-smoothie-bathe-read-think-read-think-cook-bake-think-read-laundry-think-makedinner-think-read-eatdinner-watchtv-read-sleeplikethedead

What is it with some people that have no manners on eBay? You get the item, you like the item, leave fucking feedback within a month of purchase. This isn’t rocket science! This is manners! Someone sold you something from their personal trove of items, it has a history, and you can’t be bothered to thank the person that sold it to you? Now, if I had 15,674 feedback, instead of 3251, then don’t bother, because I’m automated!

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