Everyone I know raves about Barbette. As a Francophile living in Minneapolis for now, I have wanted to try their food. Char, a 23 year old who has been friends with Simon since about seventh grade highly recommended it and the service staff. I trust Char. We go out to eat more since I was diagnosed with cancer, mostly because I want to try all these places I have not before I die. I could die. Who knows? I am Stage 3C and that’s pretty serious, so I do the organic thing and we had a Friday evening where Zack was out with friends and hit up Barbette.

They have a phenomenal wine list! Just an amazing selection, as did 112 Eatery, which is a different review all together. We started with the Fondue au Fromage de Chèvre for $12. It was delicious. Not enough bread to dip, but a decent amount of veg and a petite peau amount of fruit. Excellent though. Since they don’t give you free bread, we had to order a Starter, or Amusements, is what they call them.

The special was lamb shank for approximately $35. It was three small pieces of lamb with the fat taken off the crown and the bone showing, There was a lot of fat on the lamb itself, so 70% meat and 30% fat, which really stunk because that left me with only about 1.5-2 ounces of meat and fat. Since it was organic lamb I will eat a tad amount of the fat, but not a lot, so my meal was so tiny I was famished afterward! Look at my photo, do you see all that fat? It was not worth ~$35!

I don’t have a large appetite and I was seriously starving. The veg included were some great carrots and a tablespoon of mashers, and that’s it! Jon had the mushroom risotto for $17 and that was about 1.5 cups of food in a large bowl.

We ended up getting the Vanilla Beignets for $7, which were good. But again, just so little food for the money. Then the wait staff! I complained on Instagram and Char tagged me and said she always had great service at Barbette. Our waitress was completely incompetent, and not in like a Parisian-pain the ass way. It took forever for our first bottle of wine to arrive. She opened, poured and forgot to let us taste. It had a cork. Dinner had arrived and she never came back to see how we were, did we like our food, and did we need something to drink. I had to hail her down, as if I was a school crossing guard. We ordered a different bottle of white. It never came, so I hailed her again 20 minutes later, and she had forgotten, she said she’d be right back with the wine. She left, came back empty-handed saying they were out of that wine.

I dissected the wine list and ordered a different bottle. She disappeared, came back again and didn’t have that wine either. My husband I were losing patience. We forfeited the wine and ordered the desert along with one glass of desert wine. She left, came back empty-handed and asked if we wanted one or two glasses of desert wine. My fucking G-d, pay attention! Clarified, she left, came back with desert and no wine. I asked again and she left and finally came back with a glass of wine. By this point my water was empty, my husband wanted to speak to a Manager and I just wanted to get the heck out of there.

We ended up speaking to a Manager who basically said that our waitress was incompetent because she was a Sunday Brunch waitress that had never done wine service and someone had called in sick for this Friday evening meal shift and it was there fault so they made a grand production of comping out a $7 desert, which as we all know, is really about $1 in cost to make beignets!

We will not be going back.

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