On Halloween I went to my primary care doctor’s lab expert, Lisa, and had my blood drawn. She didn’t hurt me and I came out unscathed, with five vials of blood! They are running one specific test to know if I am well enough to do the PET part of the PET/CT scan tomorrow morning; or they use all that blood as a sacrifice to the god of cancer.

The pain medication is losing it’s efficacy. I’m quite anxious today, 03 November 2013, because I should have had a phone call Friday and I did not. That means I am going to hassle the current Oncologist’s Office for information tomorrow. Jon bought me the Jawbone UP on Thursday and I’m using it. It’s forcing me to make food choices and exercise more; both things that are good. Ive read an anecdotal study that said Australian woman who ate at least 15 fruits and veg a day have a smaller risk of developing cancer to begin with, but if they have breast cancer and they eat many different coloured fruit and veg your chances of being No Evidence of Disease (NED) is high!

While not great, my cancer hasn’t spread throughout my lungs, blood, bones, or any organs. That being said, this is how the tests came back.

  • I am HER2 negative.
  • I am ER/PR positive.
  • Along with the three tumours in my left breast, I have three tumours in the lymph nodes. The tumours are: a Auxiliary (armpit) and left clavicle.

I meet my new Oncologist, Stuart Bloom, on Weds 06 November 2013 morning and his Standard of Care is based on my diseases. I have inflammatory breast cancer as well as ductal carcinoma. I am Stage IIIC. If I don’t do chemo I will die in six months. They want me to do chemo, then a mastectomy, afterwards radiotherapy, finally Tamoxifen, followed by aromatase inhibitor. 

Jon and I watched Kris Carr’s film, Crazy Sexy Cancer, last night. I’m going to try and modify our diet. One Kale shake a day may keep the cancer cells away.

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