Comments from my last cancer post:

Missy, You sound so much more like yourself today. All organized & coming out swinging! Congratulations & thank you for posting.

You are a spit-fire.. Love it!!!!! I can feel the great energy from this post!! xoxo

Why can’t you have any cider? [Because your tastebuds are shot, they are fast growing cells.] Yeah I know the tastebuds get really affected by all the drugs. My friend’s wife doesn’t drink any alcohol at all now (got to be 5 yr cancer free now). He’s pleased, he drinks all the beer, she drives him home! Unfortunately my team manger at work is diagnosed with bowel cancer and is waiting to get all his treatment plan etc. I am at an age now where I am getting more contact with this disease and this will only increase, which is not great!

Now, forward… I really liked MBW’s comment about coming out swinging, it made me smile and I realized she was right. That is so me and I like that about myself! The visit with Howard went swimmingly and while I am nervous about the bi-lateral, I feel like I am in good hands with Howard. I’m still sitting on the fence for reconstruction. Wilke is in place and he said the woman that told me I’d be in ICU if I did reconstruction must have had a bad surgeon or a seriously messed up infection. Wilke said that bmx and reconstruction would be no more difficult than the tummy tuck in 2008 and Howard said, “This will probably be LESS painful and problematic for you than the abdominoplasty.” Armed with that information, I wipe sweat from my brow. Howard said just bmx one day in hospital, add reconstruction two days and they will do prophylactic dosing of antibiotics since I am prone to infection. Now just have to re-write my DNR and get that to Fairview.

Howard said that we could lop off my breasts the first week of May and I’d be drainless and able to sit through Mass and Graduation at the beginning of June. This all assumes that my blood work is fine two weeks after the last Taxol infusion. But since the only reason I’m even finishing Taxol is to get rid of the offending body part and her future partner in crime, I am happy to do it.

I’ve also found a men’s group for Jon that starts in four weeks in Highland and we’re scheduled to see a Psychiatrist who focuses 95% of her practice on oncology patients. I look forward to a therapist that gets it and can help Jon and I.

Great to see Nina and be brought a Green Mill Spinach & Garlic Stuffed Pizza last night. Then Earl came over. I have been breathless and hacking green stuff so Merlin gave me a Z-Pack that I started this morning. I’m looking forward to feeling less ill soon.

Tomorrow is Nutrition for a Cancer Diagnosis at Pathways, chemo and then the new Palliative doctor through Fairview. Thanks to Kathy for the Vitamix. I am excited to be blending more than ever!

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