Internet Visibility

I read this post on Instagram, and the on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, because tools are redundant in 2014, and this IT recruiter said that recruiters are stalkers. Recruiters utilize the tools available to them to find the mete of your character. I wouldn’t go on a date without looking up my suitor online first. … [Read more…]

Picture Framing

Shopping around on Saturday, 22 February 2014, we had a vibrant 20″x24″ painting in the car that needed to be framed. Earlier in the week we drove to 50/Penn thinking that the Lake Harriet frame shop was still open, but now it’s a bead store. I used the ever helpful Google to find Nielsen Framing … [Read more…]

The 11-Sentence Paragraph

Zack and I wrote his horrid deconstruction of Shakespeare tonight for the Language Arts teacher from HELL school. Puke. I so despise Shakespeare. My BA thesis was Chaucer. I had to pick between Shakespeare and Chaucer, so I picked Chaucer. But I will admit Romeo & Juliet has a great soundtrack and Leo is amazing; … [Read more…]