Smoking Has Changed

Pro-Vape Essay A vape is an electronic cigarette or similar device. It takes a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin based liquid which is mixed with any amount of nicotine, or none, and food grade flavoring. After pouring in some of the clear, flavored sticky thick liquid it’s vaporized and inhaled by the consumer. I will … [Read more…]

Let Me Get This Off My Chest By Margaret Lesh

The book blurb was good, so I took this book out of the library. Supposedly this woman is a writer, but I read and am also a published author and had never heard of her. Tamoxifen hot flashes, mastectomy, reconstruction, breast cancer etiquette, Frankenboobs, bras with special attachments—Margaret Lesh shares all in her funny, heartfelt … [Read more…]

Cancerous Spit-fire

Comments from my last cancer post: Missy, You sound so much more like yourself today. All organized & coming out swinging! Congratulations & thank you for posting. You are a spit-fire.. Love it!!!!! I can feel the great energy from this post!! xoxo Why can’t you have any cider? [Because your tastebuds are shot, they … [Read more…]

Switching Oncologists

Due to all the nagging that I go back to chemo, I switched oncologists. This one doesn’t have slapstick humor like Bloom, which in all honesty I can’t stand. Life is too short to think I’ll be seeing the same oncologist for ten years (knock on wood) and have to fake laugh when I don’t … [Read more…]

Beginning of January 2014

Today was chemo, but my neutraphil levels are low so the plan is Neupogen shots and then chemo. I had a shot today. I will have one tomorrow and one on Monday and Katy hopes my levels are good on Tuesday so I can have chemo. That delays the bi-lateral another week. We’re slowly creeping … [Read more…]

Anxiety Tribe

A GF showed me an online therapy group. I read a bunch yesterday as a non-memebr. They should fix those permissions.bI’m an anxious person. There have certainly been times in my life where I have wanted to pull a Sylvia Plath, definitely not a Virginia Wolff, albeit I do like water. That being said, today … [Read more…]

Poshmark Annoyance #1 User @twopugsnme

I joined Poshmark two years ago. I am buying some things right now from a very nice seller, @kleinlori but I have had plenty of problems. #twopugsnme is selling a Louis Vuitton bracelet for $425; that’s MORE than retail. She says, email me, I will give you better deal. Her email is: I emailed … [Read more…]

Christmas 2013

My MIL in November wrote on my Caring Bridge site and said: “Michele–My heart goes out to you and you are truly in my prayers. I know the journey is very difficult. May the love and caring of your friends and family sustain you.” When someone says “You are truly in my prayers” I think they … [Read more…]

Important Things for a Legacy

T -68 hours until surgery. And a DNR. The only wisdom I’ve gleaned from four decades on this planet that is valuable is: 1. Above all be kind 2. Don’t judge others (glass houses and all that stuff) 3. It doesn’t matter the color of your skin, your political party, sexual preference or your religious … [Read more…]