Traitorous Left Breast

This morning a friend who is Pentecostal called me. Along with the Catholics and the MN Lutherans, I have people giving my name to their congregations at shul and I have the Pentecostals covered, due to my GF, so I pretty much think I’m in good hands. The patchwork that is American faith is working for … [Read more…]

The Brevity of IBC

We met with my plastic surgeon, Dr. Wilke, 05 November, and he gave us all the gory details. Awful. Just awful. I sputtered through my drink at Crave and Edina women listened to me whisper the word Cancer and they stared. I could do nothing but go hide in the car and call me mum.  … [Read more…]

Cancerous Halloween

On Halloween I went to my primary care doctor’s lab expert, Lisa, and had my blood drawn. She didn’t hurt me and I came out unscathed, with five vials of blood! They are running one specific test to know if I am well enough to do the PET part of the PET/CT scan tomorrow morning; or they … [Read more…]

Cancer Journey Begins

30 October 2013 we went to the oncologist, Barbara Bowers. I need to get a PET/CT scan, but before I can do that they have to draw about a pint of blood. They left me with a huge hematoma on my arm today, and no successful blood draw. I could not be staged today because … [Read more…]