Shopping around on Saturday, 22 February 2014, we had a vibrant 20″x24″ painting in the car that needed to be framed. Earlier in the week we drove to 50/Penn thinking that the Lake Harriet frame shop was still open, but now it’s a bead store. I used the ever helpful Google to find Nielsen Framing at 4405 France Avenue S. Traffic was horrific and we saw signs for carpeting and the like, but no sign for framing, so we plowed onward. After having lunch at a crowded Bunny’s we went back down Excelsior to Grand Frames on Excelsior at 4617 Excelsior Blvd. It was located in a white and yellow house.

I walk around most days without my wig and only a skullcap because in all honesty, I could care less what people think of me. I have cancer. I am in chemo. I do not need to wear a wig to make someone else comfortable. Being bald is really not all that bad. I’m not ugly, so I have that going for me. We walked in to Grand Frames and said we needed a frame. The Barbie doll that was manning the store took our painting out of the wrapping and asked us what we were thinking of for a frame. As usual Jon was quiet. Exhausted from the errands we had all ready run that day, I said, “We just need a frame. I’ll know what I like when I see it.” Barbie asked where we got the painting, I replied, “Chicago.” She said, “Oh, my business partner is there today. She didn’t make it there yesterday, but she made it there today.” OK, and I care why? She asked where we would be putting the picture, and I said, “It is for my son’s office.” She asked what color the walls were and I said that the color of the walls was a Pottery Barn green but that was irrelevant as I want to pinion off the colors in the watercolour, because they were vibrant and cool.

All the frames were attached to the wall by magnets. There were two blue frames on the wall that I really liked. Jon reached up and brought them both down. I had told Katie, aka Barbie, that I wanted a frame that would pull out the periwinkle in the middle of the picture. The painting is a city scape. There is a lot going on in the picture. Buildings, traffic, stop lights, people, sidewalks, and periwinkle sky. Zack picked it out in Chicago from Millionaire Rejects. Barbie keeps bringing these gaudy, large pieces of frame over to us and I had said that I like an old-fashioned, vintage look and Jon had said that we like the distressed look; all very helpful descriptors. But Barbie isn’t listening, she’s bringing these hideous glossy frames that Jon and I say, “We love the color, but we don’t like contemporary. We don’t like high gloss.” This whole time she’s brought five frame samples over to the workbench and we had the blue distressed frame on the picture and said we liked it. She ignored us and continued to upsell.

The frame we liked is on the picture below:

Chicago Watercolour


This is my pet peeve, the upsell, She upselled until the cows come home. Barbie brought out an ugly frame that was four-to-five inches in depth and said it was a great frame, hand-painted in “Bama. I blanched because I knew it was going to be pricey. I have cancer. I was stingy before cancer, but now, oh. my. god. super stingy! I asked for the price and she said $600. I said, That is way out of our budget, She quipped, Well, framing is expensive. Seriously? I don’t want a frame painted by a Confederate for an exorbitant amount of money!

I ended up at Posters on Board. The frame was the same exact price, and it’s the same, exact blue distressed far,e that Zack likes, so we are all happy. POB has a March Special. Pull a gold coin out of a Leprechaun hat before St. Paddy’s day and receive 10%, 20% or 30% off your framing or poster project. My cost need up $210 with tax. The Posters on Board woman did no upselling. She barely closed me. Barbie needs to learn that a woman struggling with health issues and bald as a cue ball doesn’t want to hear someone bragging about her four inch heels nor does she want to know that your dumb blonde arse has been watching Glengarry Glen Ross, and you’re suddenly the Wolf of Wall Street and you have to Always. Be. Closing. Screw that. You lost a customer because you didn’t listen Katie of Grand Frames. I’m also blogging about this because you were so rude and people should find somewhere else to go if they have a framing project.

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