I joined Poshmark two years ago. I am buying some things right now from a very nice seller, @kleinlori but I have had plenty of problems. #twopugsnme is selling a Louis Vuitton bracelet for $425; that’s MORE than retail. She says, email me, I will give you better deal. Her email is: twopugsnme@yahoo.com

I emailed about the bracelet, asking: “What is the cost of the Louis bracelet on Poshmark?” The bracelet is $340 at the Louis store.

She replies: “Hi, sorry, you would do better at the store because I can’t go lower than $350 on posh due to the 20%. It’s new and if I can’t sell it right now, it’s ok. Maybe in the future I can do better or if it’s bundled with an other item I can do better. Best wishes.” Then she added praying hands and a smiley face; neither of which made any sense.


Upset by this, because I’m even part of tax with her price, and I get no receipt if any thing goes wrong, my response fit my mood. “I knew you were going to be a waste of my time. I’m reporting you to Manish.” She totally wasted my time and that pisses me off. Cuntypug replied with, “Go ahead. I didn’t do anything wrong. I gave you my posh price. For someone so grateful for life, I never came across a more rude, ignorant person. I have family fighting for their life after being hit by a semi. The little 3 year old is bleeding in his brain and not suppose to make it through the night and I have to deal with your bullshit. Please don’t waste my time. Go to LV. Sent from my iPad.”

I never said I was grateful for life, ever. I often wish, even now, that cancer had killed me. Why? Because I absolutely cannot stand my husband. My husband is:

  • Shallow
  • Ignorant
  • Passive-aggressive
  • Moronic
  • Stupid
  • An alcoholic
  • Acts 15
  • Selfish
  • Wants a mommy
  • Selective judgement
  • Blames everyone else
  • Never takes any personal responsibility
  • Hovers (hangs about too close, as opposed to Hoovers, which might be OK, because then sex wouldn’t be all about him if he Hoovered my neck on between my legs; neither of which he ever does)
  • Socially inept
  • Greedy
  • Self-absorded
  • Critical

How the brain-bleeding three year old and family (of pugs?) fighting for their lives was relevant, I have no idea. I just wanted a LV bracelet that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Angered, I replied with: “Ignorant? You darling are the epitome of ignorant, and you cannot compose a proper sentence without grammatical errors. You wouldn’t have to deal with my “bullshit” if you put real prices on your items instead of making people that are DYING OF CANCER email you. That is what is against Posh policy!”


  1. Jamie

    ive bought several items from twopugsnme on posh and tradesy and have always been treated with respect, kindness and professionalism. Infact she is the only person I will buy from because her items are authentic and in great preowned condition. I know the person that wrote this and she is a scammer! She lies about having cancer trying to get people to feel sorry for her and give her money. I just happened to stumble on this and could not just ignore this redickulous commentary that’s an out right lie!

  2. Jamie

    since I saw this I can’t stop thinking about it and I don’t want to tell twopugs about it cause it’s so not true and would really hurt her feelings. But, what I can do is go to the office tomorrow and start the paperwork for slander and indefication of character! At that time I can tell her and get her signature to proceed. Then we can also do a full investigation of the person that posted it. That way the real truth will come out and ms Krautgrrl can deal with the concincuenses of her actions!

    • admin

      If you don’t know what words to use, you should probably stick with ones that are less than six syllables. You have trouble with b-i-g words like “ridiculous” and “indefication.” I couldn’t stop laughing at the sheer stupidity of user at IP address in Tampa, FL.

      They breed ’em bitchy in Florida is what I’ve heard from my cousins.

  3. Rich

    Michele E Davis is literally crazy and belongs on meds, not for cancer though. That’s all a lie! She tweets to herself all day and even answers herself. When anyone doesn’t believe her she blogs about them saying untrue comments, outright lies! It’s a shame the Internet allows any hag to write whatever they want about others but I believe in Karma and Michele will be bit bad when it comes around. She is the definition of evil!

    • admin

      Apparently the concept of what a blog is has escaped the person who keeps changing their name and typing behind Jamie? Or is it Rich?

      I approved her comments from SIX MONTHS ago because I found it too hysterical to not do so. Enjoy.

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