I’ve been writing since second grade, when I sold my first poem to CRICKET magazine. I began my career as a journalist and graphic designer, then moved into instructor-led training (ILT), which eventually progressed into computer and web-based training utilizing tools such as Authorware, Captivate, Camtasia, WebCT or Java to create user interaction after writing the e-learning scripts.

I am an author, writer, editor and Instructional Designer who enjoys creating user friendly, attractive and easy-to-understand content for any medium. I’m savvied in a variety of applications and operating systems, including enterprise-wide solutions such as PeopleSoft, Oracle databases, Oracle Applications and SAP. I’m learning how to code in PHP and work with more Open Source technologies. I’ve co-authored and authored over 24 books.

I’ve edited nonfiction and fiction books, medical journal articles, medical documentation, created RFQ’s, and RFP’s. To be honest I’ve probably written or edited anything you could name, give me a call or send me an email and I can give you project prices and deadlines.