Pro-Vape Essay

A vape is an electronic cigarette or similar device. It takes a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin based liquid which is mixed with any amount of nicotine, or none, and food grade flavoring. After pouring in some of the clear, flavored sticky thick liquid it’s vaporized and inhaled by the consumer. I will prove to you by the end of this paper that vape pens are good because of the less harmful smoke, helping cigarette smokers quit, and safety as fire isn’t involved in lighting a vape pen. It is also much less toxic than actual cigarette smoke.

Vaporizers contain tasteful juice which isn’t harmful to the teeth, gums or taste buds. Nicotine and Tar are two things that reside in a smoker’s cigarettes. While nicotine is available for the juice, tar is not. It is only contained in cigarettes, not vaporizers. Tar is a tobacco residue which is toxic and dangerous to the smoker’s lungs. Tar can blacken teeth, damage gums, and desensitize taste buds. People that smoke cigarettes have problems with their dentist, have a reduced and sometimes no sense of taste at all, and buy Crest White Strips. Cigarettes also include methane which is a sewer gas, and arsenic, which is a poison that is fed to rats and mice to kill them.

Vaporizers are an excellent way to help cigarette smokers quit smoking. They do not contain the harmful chemicals cigarettes do, and vapes are considered a healthier way to quit smoking. Anecdotally smokers say that this is a good way to quit smoking, but since vaporizers haven’t been studied very much, doctors may not agree that using a vape pen is safe for eradicating a cigarette addiction. Smokers quit because it doesn’t tempt the cigarette smoker to smoke a cigarette. When buying juice the consumer can choose if they want their liquid to contain nicotine, and how many milligrams, from as little 2-18.

Since vaporizers the biggest risk factor of a cigarette has always been the fire associated with lighting it. Whether you are using matches, lighters, or gas stove burners; you’re playing with fire and plenty of people have died in house fires because of it. Then there is the vape smoke, which is less toxic than what a cigarette produces for their smoker. No need for the bleaching CrestWhite Strips since there is no tar in a vape. Bad breath will also be a thing of the past from cigarette smokes when they turn over a new leaf. A smoker’s tongue can change colors, but a vaper’s tongue will always be pink to warm red in color. Only smoking blackens teeth, damaging gums, and desensitizing them too. Also cigarettes contain one flavor, smoke. Juice contain all kinds of flavors such as pineapple, mango and even cotton candy.

While vaporizer pens have been around since the 1960s, it is only since 2004 that a resurgence has begun in partaking of this hobby. My generation in particular, knowing family members, friends, and grandparents dying because of cigarettes. We are who they create flavours such as Dr. Pepper, Candy Corn, Green Apple, Mango, Chocolate Mint for, and they are delicious! Vaporizers are the better option when choosing to smoke a cigarette or vape. The benefits of a vape are less harmful smoke, helping cigarette smokers quit, and safety. That seems like a better deal than smoking a toxic cigarette. What would you choose, a death sentence or a delightful life?

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